Hi, all!

Happy Spring! Just to update you, I am no longer accepting session appointments. It has been a wonderful 15 years, but it is time for me to move to something new to spark my creativity!

I will certainly be fulfilling the needs of clients who have already booked a Boudoir Glam session for this year, but if you wanted a session and are not on my calendar, just email me at Rosemary@monarch-photography.com and I will be happy to recommend some amazing photographer friends in the area!

Thank you for everything! Much love!



Boudoir Photography by Rosemary Cundiff-Brown, M.Photog.

(Rosemary was recently awarded her Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman Degrees from the Professional Photographers of America)

Men's magazine or girl-next-door. 

Pin-up or Old Hollywood. 

Rosemary does it all to make you into a Boudoir Glam Girl!

A few words from your photographer:

Hi--I'm Rosemary, the Boudoir Glam photographer-gal.  It's so nice to meet you!

It's an ALL-GIRL party here at Boudoir Glam by Monarch!  That's right--none of those pesky boys are allowed!  Just me (Rosemary) and the girls!

And I work with professional stylist, Kim, of Makeup Artistry by Kim Neely Scheppegrell--she will give you beautiful looks, ranging from fresh-face to sex kitten!

And Kim is certified in her craft!  Very important!

Sassy, seductive, and adorable--I give you the full supermodel boudoir experience, creating classy and sexy photographs for his eyes only!

And I can do total glam, smoky-boudoir looks, and even vintage, retro, and pin-up styles!  I am here to make you into whatever type of Boudoir Glam Girl you want to be for a few hours.

I truly believe that the sexiest thing about a woman is her confidence.  That's why I strive to make my boudoir clients feel confident and fabulous from the moment they step through the door of my historic home studio right in the middle of The Highlands in Louisville, Kentucky.

I realize that you may be wondering about a few things when it comes to a b-session, so take a moment to check out our quick Boudoir Glam FAQ!


What exactly is a Boudoir Glam Session?

The term "boudoir" refers to the French term for bedroom.  A boudoir session is a photo shoot that enables you to become a supermodel for the day.  I approach the session as a high-energy fashion shoot with a commercial look.  I take the feminine allure of "Vicki's Secret" and mix it in with a little sports jersey, t-shirt and jeans "girl next door" concept--and, of course, throw in some awesome Men's magazine and centerfold shots in there, too!  And for good measure--I put some Marilyn Monroe Old Hollywood in, too!  You get it all!  And yes, I even photograph sexy, sassy vintage and pin-up portraits!


Why should I do a Boudoir Glam Session?

Women have boudoir glam photos taken for different reasons, but the main reason is that they want to look and feel good about themselves. Boudoir glam photos make the perfect gift for that special someone, too--Bridal (to give your groom before the wedding), Valentines Day, Christmas, Anniversary, etc. Although most of my boudoir clients are wives,  I also have women who have lost weight and want to celebrate. I have married women and moms who want to do something special for their husbands for a birthday or anniversary.  And we also have clients who simply do it for themselves as a confidence-booster!


Who will photograph my session?

All boudoir sessions are photographed in-studio by yours truly (Rosemary) exclusively--no one else will be present in the shooting area (unless you bring a female friend with you.  Sorry--no boys allowed). I am the ultimate multi-tasker! 

I do all of the posing, composition, and direction--along with the photography.  I am a "Jill of all trades," you could say!  I work to make your session flow so that you can keep up your energy and have loads of fun!


Do you offer make-up and hairstyling services?

Absolutely!  If you want to go the extra mile and have your make-up and hair professionally done, then let me know!  I work exclusively with licensed make-up artist and stylists, Kim Neely Scheppegrell.  Styling prices are $125 for one styling look, and $150 for two styling looks (one soft and sweet "girl next door" look and one smokier, or "sex kitten" look)


Click here for My Boudoir Glam Gallery


I'm a little apprehensive--What can I expect?

It's normal for most people to have a case of the nerves when it comes to getting out of a comfort zone.  Trust me--you just have to get out of your head.  I will take great care of you and you will have a blast during the session!  If you are still nervous, bring a girl friend along for moral support!

031_Christy Y Boud 2011_LV_Grain.jpg

What if I have parts of my body that I don't like?

We all feel that way!  Please believe that you are beautiful the way you are. My job as a photographer is to emphasize the positives and minimize any areas that you are self-conscious about when it comes to your figure.  When you receive your images I hope that you will see yourself being as beautiful as your significant other does.  I do, however, talk about any body issues that you may have--as well as what you and your significant other sees as your best parts!

How much skin do I have to show?

That is entirely up to you--sessions generally do not include frontal nude or fully exposed images. However, if you do want these types of images, I will do them in a tasteful manner.  The female body is beautiful and needs to be treated with respect.  What I specialize in is "implied" nudity, which leaves a little up to the imagination...


Are the photos retouched?

You better believe it!  Hey--you don't think that those models in those magazines look like that in real life, do you?  It's all about you still looking like yourself--just a super-sexy flawless version of you!  All images you receive are completely retouched at no additional cost. Retouching includes enhancement of the skin and any facial or body imperfections.  I even do a little contouring or reshaping of the body as needed.  If you want to have a mole, scar, or tattoo removed for the final images, please request that ahead of time.  


How do I prepare for the session?

Unless you tan regularly, do not self or spray tan before the session, especially if you are doing so for the first time as you may get unexpected results.  If you do tan, be sure to do so with tan lines in mind.  Be sure to shave and moisturize the body, Take care of your knees, elbows, fingernails, and toenails. Please have your make-up and hair ready when you get to your session--and remember to look the way that makes you feel confident about yourself!  Iron any clothing and use hangers to bring outfits that can wrinkle. Wear loose fitting clothing and undergarments when you arrive so that you don't have red marks on your skin. Bring outfits that you like and make you feel good, confidence shows in the images! Don't forget some high-heel shoes and accessories!


How many outfits should I bring?

Although I recommend a number of outfits for each session, there is no real limit as long as time permits. You may want to bring additional options and see what is working best for you that day. Bring more than you think you need, you never know what you might decide to wear last minute. Remember you can easily take a matching set of bra and panties with thigh high stockings, fish nets, garters, etc. You may want to bring something that belongs to your special someone to personalize the session, too!.  It shows that you REALLY had him in mind.  For instance, one of his dress shirts, a favorite neck tie, or one of his football jerseys are great ideas.  And don't forget to accessorize with sassy stilettos and lovely jewelry!  At the beginning of the session, I will help you set everything out in the dressing area and discuss what order the outfits will be put in for the photo shoot.


Click here for our Boudoir Glam  Gallery


Should I bring props?

Props can make your images special for your significant other. I've had everything from a golf club to full firefighter turn-out gear!  Some ideas include flowers, cowboy hat, motorcycle helmet, birdcage veil, and props relating to your significant other's profession or personal interests. 


May I bring a friend?

You are welcome to bring a female friend in with you to help with clothing changes and touch-ups, but I do ask them to stay off to the side and watch the photo shoot if you wish, or they may stay in the dressing area. And remember, as stated above--no men allowed in the studio.  It spoils the surprise and also causes a different vibe in my studio. Thanks for your cooperation!

Oh, and I can accommodate more than one client during a session--if you and a friend want a separate session at the same time, I can alternate your modeling times so you two can have the session together--fun!  


How long does it take to receive the images?

Images are ready for viewing and proof pick-up within a week of your session. Remember that I take the time to retouch every single image and put my own unique editing-eye on them, so that take s a little more time than some of the other boudoir studios in our area.  Reprints are ready within 48 hours of ordering them.  Albums and other products can take up to 14 days, depending on the size and type of product ordered.  I can also design albums of all of your images!


Do I decide if my images can be used on your site and for marketing purposes?

You sure do!  It states specifically in your portrait session contract that YOU decide whether or not I can use your images for my web site and social media marketing.  That is something we talk about when you come to your session.  I would love to use your images, but I also understand that this cannot always happen due to your career, personal choice, etc.  You let me know if I can use your images, use them as long as your face doesn't show, or not use them at all!

If you are interested in viewing my Boudoir Glam images, please call me at 502.641.0744 and I will send you my super-fun image music video link and tons of info!

You may also e-mail me at Rosemary@monarch-photography.com.

Be a Monarch Boudoir Glam girl!