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The years go fast!  Capture these life moments in photographs so you can have them forever...

It's true that professional portraits are an investment.  Your family's memories are worth it.

Our approach to family portraiture is to keep it classic, beautiful, and timeless.

We know that everyone wants beautiful keepsake portraits of their families, but the process is often not an enjoyable experience.   Our goal is to create beautiful portraits in a comfortable relaxed environment and to make your portrait session FUN!  We photograph your session in our quaint and comfy home studio or local park, but we can also travel to an outdoor location of your choice!  We strive to make everyone comfortable, relaxed, and positive throughout the Monarch experience!

And although we have time guidelines for our sessions, we never rush you!  We will take our time to give you the most wonderful images and to make your session fun, fresh, and an awesome experience!

We can a nearby outdoor location of your choice (or in the small studio during colder months--up to 3 people).

And we can even do both with our higher level sessions.

Just a few days after your session, your portraits will be ready for you to view. We will email you a link to your own custom slide show and ordering gallery, and at this time we will schedule your ordering session if you choose to do so.  If you cannot find the time to schedule a session, you may simply order online.

We offer many different types of family portrait experiences, ranging from maternity to newborn to full family sessions.  

Please read below to see how our variety of portrait sessionswork to give you an incredible collection of memories to last a lifetime!  



You feel as though the day that your baby will arrive cannot get here soon enough! Then, before you know it, your pregnancy experience is over.  How will you remember all of the miraculous moments?  The kicks from inside, the glow of your skin, the joy in your smile, the way everyone in your life looks at you in that special way.  Why not make memories of this precious time in your life?  

A maternity portrait session is the perfect way to capture all of the wonder and preserve it forever.

The most common question we are asked is, When is the right time for a maternity portrait? Through our years of experience, we know you do not want to wait until it is too far into the pregnancy. Each year we have clients who waited too long and missed the opportunity for a photo shoot because the baby came early! We recommend calling us as soon as you realize that a maternity portrait is very important to you and its something you don't want to miss.  The optimum time to have your maternity portrait session is roughly at the six-to-seven-month mark, so please plan accordingly!  

And remember we love to feature relationships in our maternity sessions, so bring your spouse if at all possible.  From hands on the belly to a kiss between the parents-to-be, we capture the wonderful feelings that parents experience before the baby arrives and your lives become even more blessed!  And if your baby-to-be has siblings, bring those big brothers and sisters, too!  The more the merrier!

Clothing is important during your maternity session.  We actually recommend that you bring BOTH pre-pregnancy and maternity clothing.  We want to see your beautiful pregnancy curves, so be sure to bring snug tops, camisoles, etc. to accentuate that gorgeous baby bump!  And bring cute and comfy long dresses, sweaters, jeans, shirts, etc. that you feel confident in and that are a combination of trendy and classic. 

If you and your spouse or partner plan to both be in the session images, choose clothing that goes together--similar color schemes, non-busy patterns, and an equal amount of trendy casual and formal clothing.  You don't want to match; you just want to complement one another!

Remember that hands and belly will be showing during your images, so be sure to moisturize your skin.  This will result in a healthy glow.

If you have special keepsake items that you want included in your maternity session, by all means bring them!  Perhaps you have your own baby blanket, rattle, teddy bear, or anything else that will connect your new addition to you or your spouse's childhood.  

We keep our backgrounds super-simple, so nothing will clash with your clothing and accessories.  

Take a look at our portrait gallery to get some ideas for your own session!



From the tiny toes to the scrunched-up nose, we capture so many moments of your new little miracle.  Your life will never be the same, so why not take time to let us document your baby's qualities at his or her tiniest time of life?

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NOTE:  For newborn sessions, we now COME TO YOU!  That's right--we travel to your home to make things easier on you and your new little one!  Have the nursery ready!

The sweetest and most precious time to photograph a newborn is between 5-10 days of life.  Newborn babies are also more sleepy and pliable for the most desired poses.  Your curling, sleeping newborn will make for the most memorable and meaningful photographs. 

If there are important items that you would like to have included in the portrait such as a special blanket or toy, please have them ready and prepared prior to the session.

We will also take specific photographs of baby's toes, fingers, belly, etc. to capture the sweetest memories of him or her. 

If you and other members of your family also intend to be in the photographs, be sure to wear clothing that complements and goes together.  Don't think matchy-matchy, but instead think colors and styles that look good together.  You can't go wrong with a mix of classic solids and then change into your trendier clothing as well!

From that point on, anything goes for little ones!  Three months is a great time to get your infant's portrait taken because they show their personalities big-time!  Six months is even better and of course the one-year mark makes for busy, fun, and energetic portrait sessions! 


The way you look at one another, the love you feel for your family.  The bond you will always have for one another.  

Those special times are what we capture with our family portrait sessions.

We LOVE providing a fun, relaxed, and memorable experience that will capture the personalities unique to each family--and you know that yours is special, so why not have us make it last forever through family portraits?

No pressure to get the perfect shot, dragging your children to the mall during nap time, no waiting in line, and no forced smiles!  

Our small home studio is indeed a home-like environment, where your children are comfortable and where they are free to laugh and play.  And with a park close to the home studio, we can capture on-location outdoor portraits for your family, too!  

During family portrait sessions we take a mixture of formal and candid shots, capturing all of the little details.  Sessions are spontaneous, relaxed, and fun! 

Family portrait sessions are for parents and children of every age--from little kids to adult children and their own families--we encourage you to continue to create photographic memories.


Trust that we can make your child smile!

Be positive about your portrait appointment.  It will be fun and easy on you, we promise!

Wear clothing that is comfortable; bring a combination of classic solid clothing and a bit of trendy fashion, too!

From happy faces to silly poses, that is what makes your family UNIQUE!

And we keep photographing them AT EVERY AGE!

Relaxed.  Simple. Timeless. 

And fun--

Everything comes together to make the Monarch Difference!