A note from Rosemary and Jonathan:

We tied the knot back in 2001 and always found ourselves wishing that we had done things a little differently when it came to our photographic memories.  When we began developing our photography studio, we really discussed what we thought were the important aspects of pleasing our clients--what did we not get in our own photos that we wish we had gotten?  That was the perfect starting point for what is now our signature style of shooting.  Combine that with our teamwork abilities and there you have it!  Memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Since we started Monarch Photography LLC together in 2002, we have done our very best to give our clients the finest possible images and services. This has led us to continuously develop our abilities and creativity.

We constantly attend photography classes, seminars, and conferences to get fresh ideas for our images and products. We have achieved many awards and recognitions in pursuit of our goal of constant growth and continued development.

In this time, we have created a style that really sets us apart from others in our field.

From the off-camera lighting to the fact that we edit and post-process every single image that we provide our clients, you can see the Monarch style!


The Difference:

Professional Lighting--It's SO important to go the extra mile and bring the extra equipment:

We set ourselves apart by using off-camera (or directional) lighting for as much of your event as possible--This is especially important when natural light is either not available or not the best choice. Directional lighting is an advanced photography technique of using flash that is not coming from the camera, but instead is coming from another direction. This can be from another flash unit that we control wire-lessly or by bouncing our on-camera flash off walls or the ceiling to create a directional light. We use directional lighting in all on-location events (and of course a full lighting system in-studio).

When it comes to weddings, you will see the unique look in not just your formal portraits, but also your reception and many of your candid images. Directional light simply makes your images look better and gives your photographs a look that cannot be duplicated by most photographers--you get gorgeous lighting, nice depth, and an image that has pizzazz to it!

White-Balancing, Color-Correction, Retouching, and Creative Processing of ALL Images:

We take the time to do this for our clients!

Unlike many photographers, we review every image we shoot and color-correct, white-balance, and density-balance every single one. We also go one step further and correct other problems such as family members blinking in formal photos, any facial blemishes on the bride or groom, and other distractions in all your formal portraits. These corrected images are the same set that we provide our clients.  While many other photographers promise you thousands of images, keep in mind that many of them are NOT corrected in any way. Unless you know how to correct these, how are they going to benefit you? Every image we give you is corrected with many of them being creatively enhanced, improved and retouched.

That's the Monarch difference!